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Acoustic insulation board made of 100% natural mycelium, fireproof and anti-moisture, completely made with mycelium material.

which depends on the ability of mushrooms to grow on plant residues and transform them into a new material that resists fire and moisture and has a high capacity for sound and heat insulation Suitable for offices and areas with echoing noise.

Noise pollution can have a significant impact on people’s health. Controlling noise levels at the source is not always possible but Acoustic Insulation board.

The Acoustic Insulation board for sound and heat is made entirely of natural material, which is a mixture of rice straw and mushroom cells (mycelium), which are left to grow on the rice straw to give after 7 days of growth a lightweight, strong, moisture-proof and fire-resistant material characterized by its high abilities in sound absorption and heat resistance. The mycelium panel is exposed to a temperature of 80 degrees for two days to ensure complete sterilization and free of any living organisms and to stop the mushroom cells (mycelium) from growing.


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