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Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn


Oyster mushroom spawn bag is 1 kg bag that can be inoculated in a percentage 5 % of the substrate, it works great with wheat straw , you can get BE of 100%.


Certainly! Grey oyster mushrooms are a popular choice for their earthy flavor و versatility in cooking. Here is a product description for grey oyster mushroom spawn:

Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Our Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn is a live and very active mycelium/mushroom spawn that will spread very quickly. This is live mycelium, and will get you much faster flushes and harvests compared to inferior dried plugs or dowels. The spawn comes with instructions on how to grow mushrooms on straw. The cultivation techniques for oyster mushrooms are easy to follow, and the mushrooms can be consumed raw or cooked in a variety of ways. The Grey Oyster Mushroom is a very rewarding oyster mushroom to grow, originating from Bratislava. We selected this strain for its productivity, its color, and importantly its sweet deep earthy flavor – which ranks it as one of our best tasting oyster mushrooms. The spawn is available in 500 g .



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