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Mycelium Team

Mycelium Team

Turkey Tail Mushroom Guide

Table of Contents What is Turkey Tail Mushroom? Benefits for Immune-Boosting of Turkey Tail Mushroom Turkey tail mushrooms have anticancer properties Turkey tail and gut health benefits What is Turkey Tail Mushroom? Turkey Tail is a fascinating functional mushroom that…

Miracle Medicine: The Story of Penicillin

Table of Contents War against bacteria​ From strange mold to Wonder Drug​ Evolution of penicillin​ It was a credit to fungi.​ Mushroom is more diverse and complex than it seems, mysterious and unknown, but they have the ability to influence…

Fungi Everywhere

Table of Contents Fungi are hidden in all kinds of food in the supermarket Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Why fermented foods are good for humans You may not be aware of this, but wherever…